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Welcome to the SKP Co-Op Web site. We are very proud of our park and facilities. Even though we are called a "resort", we are really a Co-Op which means we all work together to maintain and run "our" park. We would like you to think of this park as your home while you are here and help take care of it as you would your own property.

The first step in becoming a member of the FL SKP Co-Op is to be a member of the national Escapees Club, Inc. Once you have decided you would like to be a member of the FL SKP Co-Op, the next step is to place your name on the Waiting List. This entails filling out the required forms and attaching the necessary checks for $25 administration fee (non-refundable) and $500 deposit (refundable). As of this time, it would take approximately 8 years for you to move up on the Waiting List and get a membership and site in our park. We know this seems a long time...all the more reason to place your name on the list early, before you feel the need for a permanent "parking spot".

As it states in the Escapees Magazine, the minimum buy-in is $8,293.11 plus improvements. You should plan on approximately $10,000 and please remember, we're trying to give you average numbers here. The annual Maintenance Fee & taxes have been around $1200 per year and are adjusted annually.

Our current Waiting List and Waiting List documents appear on the "About Us" page along with other documents you may find of interest; such as our By-laws, Standing Rules, and others.

What can you expect from your life at the FL SKP Co-Op? Well...as in any other place, life can be as active or as passive as you choose to make it but we believe that our lives are enriched and healthier from living here. The occasions for social interaction are limitless. There is always a breakfast, social hour, committee meeting, group meeting, a friend to see, an occasion to shop, a show to see in town and the list goes on. The members of the park are good, active citizens of the community with many volunteering at the local churches, hospitals, etc. We participate in the local Chamber of Commerce, we march in the Christmas parade, we volunteer as Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army, we donate blood here in the park. But along with all the outside activities, there is an active volunteer core to our park and we ask new members to consider how their talents can be used to enhance the park. Committees are the main support system of our governing body and volunteers to serve on committees are always needed. There is always a need for people to serve on the Board of Directors; those who handle the business of the organization. If you have a talent in carpentry, plumbing, painting, writing, bookkeeping, accounting, cooking, cleaning, organizing, crafts, art work, any talent for anything can be of use and will help fill a need in the park. This park was built from the many talents and efforts of many willing hands but fresh hands are better than tired hands.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of this web site and that you begin to feel like part of our family.

NOTE: Studies show that people who volunteer 1 to 2 hours a week are healthier, live longer and are more satisfied with their lives, compared with non-volunteers. AARP